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Speech, language and communication disorders affect a significant portion of the global population.From stammering to lisps, dyspraxia to dysarthia, a variety of speech disorders exist which make verbal communication difficult.
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Ask Our Experts: Is this a Speech Problem?, Could Nanny's Speech Impairment Affect...
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Common Causes: Strokes, Dementia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Physical Impairme...
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Common Disorders: Lisps, Developmental Disabilities and Speech Difficulties, Specific...
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Everyday Life: Questionnaire: Do I Encourage Speech in Public?, Speech and Public...
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Speech Therapy: What is Speech Therapy?, Getting a Hearing Test, Speech Therapy:...
Latest Comments
  • Sam
    Re: Lisps
    @Oak - I'm glad you feel comfortable with yourself, it's only when we are young that we feel these things as we want to fit in. As we get older we want to be…
    30 January 2015
  • Oak
    Re: Lisps
    I have the hugest lisp ever, it's been that way since ever. I used to hate it and for the longest time I wanted to get rid of it, but not anymore. I feel it's…
    29 January 2015
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Phoniatrics
    @Rona Gilbertson - I can only suggest you make sure that you follow it up with your GP and ask to see a consultant if you think your problem is steadily…
    29 January 2015
  • Rona Gilbertson
    Re: Phoniatrics
    I've been getting worse with Dysarthria for about a year plus, to date. It surely making me less social. From a garrulous speaker, I am silent. What can…
    27 January 2015
  • berry15
    Re: Receptive Language Disorders
    I've finally found a name that describes my sons situation. Thank you for this info. I'm going to do some research now I have a…
    23 January 2015
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Dyspraxia
    @Lox - 'The Equality Act 2010* requires an awarding body to make reasonable adjustments where a candidate, who is disabled within the meaning of the…
    13 January 2015
  • Lox
    Re: Dyspraxia
    My daughter is coming up to GCSEs and Spanish is a real problem as she has a recurrent stammer and has difficulty making the right sounds for the language.…
    12 January 2015
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Where Will Speech Therapy Take Place?
    @MUSTY - I have included a link to I Can Help which offers a range of information services that provide help and…
    7 January 2015
    Re: Where Will Speech Therapy Take Place?
    i have a child with speech and hearing impairment.want to find out how he could be assisted
    6 January 2015
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Language Based Learning Disabilities
    @Annie - I'm glad our page was able to help you and start you off on the road to understanding what you might have. I…
    27 November 2014
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