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Speech, language and communication disorders affect a significant portion of the global population.From stammering to lisps, dyspraxia to dysarthia, a variety of speech disorders exist which make verbal communication difficult.
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Ask Our Experts: Is this a Speech Problem?, Could Nanny's Speech Impairment Affect...
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Common Causes: Strokes, Dementia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Physical Impairme...
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Common Disorders: Lisps, Developmental Disabilities and Speech Difficulties, Specific...
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Everyday Life: Questionnaire: Do I Encourage Speech in Public?, Speech and Public...
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Speech Therapy: What is Speech Therapy?, Getting a Hearing Test, Speech Therapy:...
Latest Comments
  • Annie
    Re: Language Based Learning Disabilities
    Hi, I have just read your article on Language based learning disability & it has brought me to tears. All my life I have…
    26 November 2014
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: New Earpiece to Help With Stammering
    @Neil - there was a five year follow up study in 2010 by Ron Gallop,Loyola University Maryland and Charles M. Runyan,…
    18 November 2014
  • Neil
    Re: New Earpiece to Help With Stammering
    Hi, Im actually an audiologist who stumbled across the Speecheasy when dealing with a manufacturer. I have been sent a…
    16 November 2014
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: What Can Parents Do to Help their Children's Speech Therapy?
    @maryam. There is a website that concentrates on delayed speech and language problems in…
    23 October 2014
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Brain Injury
    @Jues I really feel for you and you shouldn't have to bottle it up. There is help out there, it's just trying to the help that is right for you. BIRT -…
    21 October 2014
  • Jues
    Re: Brain Injury
    Hi my name is Julie I see your details on the internet and I would like to explain my story it will be short at the moment I have to write carefully as…
    21 October 2014
  • maryam
    Re: What Can Parents Do to Help their Children's Speech Therapy?
    My daughter is 3y old.she cant pronounce words properly. I m so much worry about her.
    18 October 2014
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: The Lidcombe Program
    @CCMS The British Stammering Association offers impartial information, resources and support across all ages. It has two specialist websites…
    14 October 2014
  • CCMS
    Re: The Lidcombe Program
    My six year old has developed a moderately severe stutter over the past year and we have started therapy on the Lidcombe Programme. I would…
    14 October 2014
  • Lydy
    Re: Dysprosody
    Actually having a speech difficulty is not a good thing, but i really appreciate all the supporters to those people with such problems.
    7 October 2014
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