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Speech, language and communication disorders affect a significant portion of the global population.From stammering to lisps, dyspraxia to dysarthia, a variety of speech disorders exist which make verbal communication difficult.
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Ask Our Experts: Is this a Speech Problem?, Could Nanny's Speech Impairment Affect...
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Common Causes: Strokes, Dementia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Physical Impairme...
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Common Disorders: Lisps, Developmental Disabilities and Speech Difficulties, Specific...
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Everyday Life: Questionnaire: Do I Encourage Speech in Public?, Speech and Public...
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Speech Therapy: What is Speech Therapy?, Getting a Hearing Test, Speech Therapy:...
Latest Comments
  • SpeechDisorder
    Re: Apraxia of Speech
    sideshowsuzy - Your Question:Hi I need advice. My three year old grandson has Childhood apraxia of speech. My daughter is struggling with some…
    16 September 2016
  • sideshowsuzy
    Re: Apraxia of Speech
    Hi I need advice. My three year old grandson has Childhood apraxia of speech. My daughter is struggling with some really horrible women from…
    16 September 2016
  • Nita
    Re: What Type of Speech Therapy Would Help my Grandson?
    I have a K3 student who is difficult to understand most of the time. He still speaks in 'baby terms'…
    30 August 2016
  • kitty
    Re: Lisps
    I just want the solution for my fiance he has a problem to speak word k g kh gh
    27 July 2016
  • Asu
    Re: New Earpiece to Help With Stammering
    Can I get a Daf device on NHS after being diagnosed With cluttering speech after years have passed I am bad to worse
    15 July 2016
  • Karen
    Re: Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
    Hi Kaz My daughter is in the exact same boat as yours, moth breather, excess saliva, speech deteriorating, bad…
    12 July 2016
  • Kaz
    Re: Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
    My daughter has allergies that have meant she breathes through her mouth, her chin is often hanging open and she has too…
    21 June 2016
  • Studdevil9
    Re: Drug Abuse
    This is a great article. Very informative. Scary info but necessary to know.
    3 June 2016
  • Chamberlayne
    Re: New Earpiece to Help With Stammering
    Hello, I pruchased a speecheasy device in 2009 and realised quickly that it was effective only for a short period of…
    13 May 2016
  • nadji12
    Re: Neurological Disorders
    she will be talking and then there will be a gap...1 second or 2...and she will start up again talking. or there will be little mini gaps…
    14 April 2016
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